Costa Rica: Day Eight

Today Abby and Catriona woke up at 5:30 as their host needed to be at school early, but Isaac and Jacinta slept in as the international students were not required until 10:00am. When we all met at school we headed into the Gym where we watched the cultural act from America and presented our cultural act which was “Aussie A-Z and some sport”.

After our presentation we joined in a parade of all the students around the outside of the school. We then heard and watched some great performances from all year levels. After the parade and performances, we took part in a mini soccer tournament where we lost to Costa Rica 4-1. After a break for lunch and soccer, we returned to the Gym to watch cultural acts from France and Brazil. We then played some more sports – netball, basketball and footy.

The school threw a bit of a party for all students and especially the internationals. We danced the night away and had lots of fun until we had to say goodbye to the French who are flying out early tomorrow, this was very sad as we had all become quite close with many French students. Overall it was a very fun day with a bit of a sad ending but we have confidence we will see them again someday.

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