Costa Rica: Day Seven

Today we woke up very early (4:30 am) as we had to go to the school to get on a bus at 5:40 am to head to Don Juan’s farm then the Baldi Hot Springs.

About an hour into the trip to the farm we stopped off for some breakfast then powered on another 3 hours until we reached Don Juan’s farm. At the farm, we were led on a tour by a guide/farmer who taught us many things and let us try a few of the plants and juices. We also had a great view of a volcano at the farm.

After some lunch we drove up the road a bit to the Baldi Hot Springs where we had a few hours full of relaxing in hot pools, going down water slides and walking through a sauna. When at the top of a water slide we even saw an Iguana sitting in a tree, unfortunately no one had a phone to take a pic.

We all had so much fun at the hot springs because we got to climb up a hill and swim in springs and go down many water slides. After all the swimming and sliding was done we sat down to a buffet then headed back to school where our hosts picked us up. Overall today was a very exciting but tiring day.

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