Day One – Our adventure begins

Yesterday, on Wednesday 18 September, after arriving at school bright and early, ready to depart at 6.30 am, we began our adventure to the Northern Territory.   We travelled by bus to Melbourne Airport and checked in for a 9.30 am flight, direct to Alice Springs.  We arrived at 12.00 pm local time.  After we collected our luggage, we made our way onto the bus.  We were introduced to our host and hostess, Joe and Josie and then made our way to our campsite where we had lunch and were then able to set up our tents in the scorching heat.

In the afternoon, we went on a drive around the town, stopping to admire the stunning scenery.  We visited ANZAC Hill which gave us an amazing view of Alice Springs.  We then went back onto the bus and made our way to Simpson’s Gap, took some group photos, and admired the beautiful rock formations.  Following this, we made our way back to our campsite, driving through the MacDonnell Ranges.  We spent the rest of the afternoon making sure our tents were ready for the night, and indulged in some free time after what had been a busy day.  For dinner, we were provided with a delicious three course meal of garlic bread with tomatoes and onions, lasagne and salad, as well as meringues with whipped cream and berries.  What a wonderful first day we had on our Indigenous Immersion!

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