Days Two and Three – School visits

On Thursday and Friday this week, we visited two schools, Yirara College, a Boarding School for Indigenous students and Living Waters Lutheran Primary School. Our group of 24 was split into two groups that consisted of ten and 14 students respectively.

Our visit to Yirara College allowed us the opportunity to gain a broader insight into the traditions of Aboriginal communities. Yirara is an extremely diverse and unique school with students from approximately 80 different communities from Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland and representing 12 different distinct languages. While at Yirara, we participated in an engaging chapel session that incorporated many Christian songs which were sung in both English and traditional Aboriginal languages, after which we had the opportunity to participate in their classes. These included music, literacy, numeracy, Christian studies, yoga, tag art and traditional art, however, sport stood out as a favourite as we played volleyball and basketball with the students.

Living Waters is a primary school in Alice Springs and was distinctively different from Yirara. What amazed us was how multicultural the school was with students from Nigeria, America, Germany, South Africa, India and Australia. Each of us received a different experience based on the year level we were assigned yet, we all enjoyed the time we spent and were able to compare the differences between the two schools we visited.

On Thursday night, we were treated to a reptile show by Rex and learnt the skills to deal with a snake bite in Australia, as well as handled many various lizards and a python called Tom. It was a highly entertaining and informative experience.

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