Day Five – Winmara Community

This morning, after sleeping in until 7.00 am, we were treated to a delicious breakfast of cereal and pancakes! On the agenda today, was a visit to Winmara, a community of ten people whose goal is to become completely self sustainable. When we arrived, we split into two groups with one group helping the community to pull out weeds, prepare the soil and plant snow peas and cucumber whilst the other group weeded the horse stables and medicinal garden where native plants are grown for use as natural remedies. At snack time, some of the girls played football with the local indigenous children and we all ate more pancakes.

We left Winmara at around 11.45 am to have lunch back at the campsite consisting of the all Australian favourite, toasties. Then it was back to Winmara to complete our garden duties by watering a garden consisting of beautiful native plants. At 2.00 pm, we went on the Karrke Cultural Tour with Peter, the traditional owner of the land, who spoke to us about how his ancestors lived off the land and used its resources. Peter showed us how to cook witchetty grubs which he placed in the ashes of a fire so that we could then eat them, if we were brave enough, that is!

When we returned to the campsite, we had an early 5.00 pm dinner of garlic bread, pumpkin soup, spaghetti bolognese and chocolate ripple cake. After dinner, we visited Kings Canyon again hoping to see the canyon lit up by the sunset. Unfortunately, due to the many clouds and a little bit of rain, the spectacular view we experienced yesterday, eluded us today. Finally, we ended the day by sitting around the campsite fire, excited at the prospect of visiting Uluru and Kata Juta tomorrow.

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