Day Six – Kata Tjuta

We had an early start today as our next stop was Uluru. We packed up our tents and had a light breakfast before leaving Kings Creek Station. It was a windy night and limited sleep was had by all. During the journey, we stopped to take photos of Mt Connor and were amazed to find out that it was larger in size and circumference than Uluru. Mrs Miotello prepared a trivia quiz to test our listening skills. Team Hein prevailed in an enthralling competition. After three hours, we finally arrived at our campsite, Ayers Rock Campgrounds. We pitched our tents but unfortunately we had to move campsites so we packed them up and set our tents up again at our new camping area.

After a 40 minute drive, we arrived at Kata Tjuta and began our walk through this amazing rock formation, going through the Valley of the Winds and taking in the stunning landscape. Once we finished our walk, we travelled to Sunset Strip to watch the sunset over Uluru. Josie, our cook, prepared amazing platters of cheese, dips, olives and biscuits which did not last long as we were all famished after our nine kilometre walk. However, like the previous night, the sunset was not what we had hoped. We all look forward to tomorrow and our walk around Uluru.

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